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Ndutu (Tanzania) game drive

Organizing a safari requires time and patience. The itinerary and accomodations alone can take a week or two to sort out if you take a hands-on approach. Researching where to go at what time of year, which company to use etc it's all very stressful especially if the safari is a once in a lifetime adventure

Having been on several safaris in the last few months, I decided to put together a "behind the scenes" article that really deconstructs the whole process and gives you a glimpse of what it's like to be there and some advice from a travel, tourism and camera equipment perspective. So head on over to my blog article entitled "Behind the scenes of an African safari" once you're done viewing this collection.


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Ndutu elephant Masek elephant Herd of wildebeest Pregnant wildebeest Hyena Hyena Vulture Vulture Vulture Eagle Ostrich Flamingos, lake Masek Caring lions Playful lions Sleeping cheetah Cheetah Injured zebra Zebra herd Mother and cubs Lion cub Lion king Cheetah mother and cub Baby cheetah Cheetah mother and cub Leopard


Sunset in the Serengeti Balloons! Sunrise in the Serengeti Dry earth near lake Masek