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Tsavo East Game Drive

If you have viewed my Kenyan hotels collection, you probably already know that my journey to Tsavo was almost as much fun as the game drive itself. Mostly because the everyday scenes unfolding before me on the way there were different than what I am used to seeing and experiencing.

That said, Tsavo East was also fun and was my first game drive during this trip. The day-long drive allowed me to fine tune my equipment, get a better feel for the type of vehicle we would use in the Mara, and get acquainted with big-game animals again. The day was very long, and short on several animals I really wanted to see. I saw many elephants and giraffes, but only one lion, no leopards and no cheetahs. While that aspect of the game drive was disapointing, I honestly had nothing to complain about (and I didn't): in front of me were incredible landscapes and animals I would otherwise never run into anywhere in North America.

Please enjoy the pictures and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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