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The London Tube Vs. The Fisheye

What better way to celebrate Easter weekend then visiting London.

London Tube Escalators

This was my first trip to London with my 16mm fisheye lens and I decided to go searching for scenes that were naturally "curvy" to see what would happen when photographed with the fisheye. Could the curves be even more accentuated and distorted?

London Tube Station

The tube was a great testing ground and after a few shots, I found that the "fisheye" look was actually mostly negated by the curvy scenes. Curves were nicely accentuated and not overly exaggerated. The curves are slightly more pronounced but in a natural way (at least in my opinion).

London Tube Hallway

Anyhow, lucky for me, no one stopped me while I was testing my theories out. I wonder if the CCTVs were on or if they figured I was innocent looking enough to not warrant a brief chat :-)