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DJ Heroes

DJs are some of the few people that are able to captivate an audience for hours at a time, any day of the week, regardless of country, culture, religion, language or race.

This collection documents the energy these dedicated individuals bring the lives of millions each and every night, and shows the effect on the throngs of dedicated fans who release and surrenden themselves to the music and to the night. I was lucky enough to be around incredible DJs like Afrojack, Antoine Clamarant, Deadmau5, Derrick Carter, DJ Premier, MSTRKRFT, Markus Schultz, Sander van Doorn and Roger Sanchez - amongst others.

A special thanks to the promoters who bring the DJs and who allowed me in without condition: Neil Carter, Raphael Weil, Nick Orphanos, Akash Sinha and Eric Mercier. Thank you for your support.